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About Laura Orchant

Laura’s designs are inspired by nature. She draws a motif by hand – maybe a leaf or a flower and then digitally manipulates and adds layers of colours and images to create vibrant, fractal designs. Until 2016, our main focus has been on scarves, which are made from Italian silk or modal blends and are glorious accessories, adding glamour to any outfit. For our 2017 collections, we have started to add some womenswear pieces, using the designs as a focal point for beautiful clothing, made in the UK.

Laura’s first collection was in 2012, shortly after she started the business with entrepreneur, Rebecca Lewis. The business values centre around offering high quality and service to each customer and bringing colour and beauty to womenswear. We bring out 2 collections per year and Laura spends her time working on the collections and meeting with customers. One of the highlights of Laura’s career was being asked to design the scarves for the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism show which was at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2016 and has now moved to New York. Going forward, Laura is looking forward to launching in the USA and Germany and developing further her womenswear collection.